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Diversity & Inclusion 

At Black Youth Creatives, we are committed to fostering an inclusive and diverse camp environment where every young person feels seen, valued, and empowered. Our commitment to diversity encompasses differences in race, ethnicity, gender, abilities, and beyond, recognizing that each individual brings a unique perspective and strength to our community.


We believe a truly enriching camp experience embraces equity and inclusion. We actively strive to create an atmosphere where every young participant feels a sense of belonging and can freely express their authentic selves. Our diverse staff and volunteers reflect the varied identities of our campers, and together, we celebrate the richness that diversity adds to our shared experience.


At Black Youth Creatives, we understand that our youth are the world's future leaders, change-makers, and creatives. By instilling respect, empathy, and inclusion values, we aim to empower each participant to thrive in a diverse society. Our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion is unwavering, and we continually seek ways to enhance our camp experience for every young person.

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